giovedì 21 gennaio 2010

Batteria, probabile tallone di Achille del Tablet Apple?

Xplore shows Apple what a tablet needs to be

Rugged and powerful

While there
are rumours that Apple's tablet might be delayed because it is a bit too flimsy and low on battery life, Xplore Technologies has released some hardware which shows Jobs' Mob what the gismo needs to be.
The Austin company's iX104C4M Military Tablet PC uses an indoor/outdoor display, extended thermal operating ranges, night vision imaging and resistance against extreme vibration. Xplore President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Holleran said that building a tablet that could be used on the battlefield was jolly tricky.


Chiaramente anche in questo caso può valere la tecnica WOZ, in pratica ne comprate2 cosi appena si scarica la batteria del primo , attaccate col secondo tablet :DDDDDD

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