domenica 17 gennaio 2010


Da wikipedia

Slate computers, which resemble writing slates, are tablet PCs without a dedicated keyboard. For text input, users rely on handwriting recognition via active digitizer, touching the screen with a fingertip or stylus or by using an external keyboard which can usually be attached via a wireless or USB connection.

These tablet PCs typically incorporate small (8.4–14.1 inches/21–36 centimetres) LCD screens and have been popular for quite some time in vertical markets such as health care, education, and field work. Applications for field work often require a tablet PC that has rugged specifications that ensure long life by resisting heat, humidity, and drop/vibration damage.

This added focus on mobility and/or ruggedness often leads to elimination of moving parts that could hinder these qualities

Quindi PER LA CRONACA , a tutti i MACCARI:

Qualsiasi prodotto può chiamarsi Slate senza  aver copiato il nome di un prodotto che probabilmente manco esiste o meglio per ora non è stato presentato NULLA pubblicamente.

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  1. No no sono wikipedia ed il dizionario che hanno copiato da apple

  2. Ora che ci penso............. :D