lunedì 5 ottobre 2009

Apple fa causa ai supermercati australiani!!!

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Brand battle... the logos of Woolworths, left, and Apple.

WOOLWORTHS insists its new logo is a stylised W, or a piece of fresh produce; Apple thinks it is an apple, and the California-based technology company wants to stop Australia's largest retailer from using it.

Apple has mounted a legal challenge to prevent Woolworths from using the logo that now adorns its trucks, stores and products, arguing it is too close to its own.

La Apple fa causa ai supermercati australiani Woolworth, rei di usare quel simbolo a sinistra dell'immagine qui sopra... che secondo gli avvocati Apple sarebbe troppo simile al simbolo Apple sulla destra dell'immagine qui sopra.

Vien proprio da pensare: ma allora Apple è "l'impero delle tenebre" di Jeegrobottiana memoria?!?

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