lunedì 26 luglio 2010

Nvidia e Lego


metaio Brings Augmented Reality to Lego with GeForce GPUs

Augmented Reality (AR) technology might soon be hitting a store near you, thanks to some innovative work bymetaio, which uses NVIDIA technology to create information overlays that you can see when you look at an object – such as a shoe or car or toy – with a computer or smart phone screen. One of their latest projects is a very cool kiosk for Lego, the Danish toy manufacturer that helps consumers see 3D animations of finished Lego sets, simply by holding up a product box to the kiosk screen. (Check out the video below to see how it works.)

Continua qui........

Spettacoloso…….  ed hanno usato una semplicissima Nvidia 285  (io tengo la 275 Open-mouthed smile )

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