giovedì 8 luglio 2010

iPhone? rovina la vita (lavorativa)

The iPhone Is Ruining My Life!
Can you hear me now? For years, the iPhone has been plagued by poor reception, especially frustrating to entrepreneurs and other business types on the go.
So when he lost a design project because his iPhone never rang, he was understandably irked. Calls about the project repeatedly went to voicemail, leading the prospective client to believe that Armendariz was too busy or, worse, unreliable. And it wasn't the first time AT&T dropped the ball -- er, call.
"I've dropped countless calls while talking to clients," says Armendariz, who admits -- for better or worse -- he's an Apple junkie and has no plans to abandon his trusty, if sometimes unreliable, iPhone
Poor reception and dropped calls have become a way of life for many AT&T Wireless customers since the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, and the new iPhone 4 -- which, by Apple's own admission, may drop calls if users hold the phone a certain way -- has sparked a litany of complaints online. AT&T and Apple were dealt another public relations blow recently, after revealing that a software glitch has misrepresented the phone's actual signal strength for years
Una serie di tragiche testimonianze: l'iPhone dalla pessima ricezione fa cadere le chiamate e le opportunità di affari.

Professionisti seri si lamentano degli effetti tragici (per il loro lavoro) a causa di quella pessima ricezione (che oramai è noto essere stata causata non da AT&T ma da Apple).

A che aspettano a comprare un telefonino serio? "Mah, io sono sempre stato utente Apple..."

E allora tenetevelo, il ciofecafonino Apple che vi rovina la vita!

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  1. Un nokia da 30 dollari faceva tanto schifo...

  2. L ho già detto. Come dice Overture, per telefonare con Iphone serve un Nokia da 30 Dollari