venerdì 11 settembre 2009

iPhone ciofeca, debole contro il phishing

iPhone OS 3.0 was released on June 17, 2009 - three months ago. Despite that fact, I don't recall ever having received a phishing block message on the iPhone. Today, Apple released iPhone OS 3.1 and once again specifically called out phishing protection. In fact, within the Safari settings, there is now a Security section with a Fraud Warning option. By selecting this option, which is on by default, you will be "warn[ed] when visiting fraudulent websites". Sounds great. The problem? It doesn't work.
In fact, I have yet to identify a single phishing page blocked on the iPhone.
"Infatti, io ancora non sono riuscito ad identificare una singola pagina di phishing che venga bloccata dal'iPhone".

Nonostante la Apple insista tanto sulla "protezione dal phishing"...!

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