giovedì 24 giugno 2010

Ucci ucci , i-possessori di Iphone 3g vogliono un downgrade da IOs4 ?


Does your iPhone feel slower after upgrading to iOS4?

ios4-slowing-iphones-Upgraders beware

We're hearing reports and seeing video evidence from users who have upgraded their iPhones to the new iOS4 operating system that their phones have become sluggish as a result.

Our own experience bears this out.

Regular TechRadar writer Gary Marshall upgraded his iPhone 3G to iOS4, and had this to say:

"Upgrading killed my 3G: the screen doesn't always respond, apps take an eternity to launch and some are so slow they're unusable. It's now quicker to walk somewhere than look it up in Maps, and the iPod app and SMS app take forever to open up. Worst of all, I can't always swipe the screen to answer a call.

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E allora ? Che succede ? Chissà se indagando nei vari forum Italiani di mia conoscenza , ci sarà un riscontro con questo post XD !

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