venerdì 28 maggio 2010

Time Warner non supporterà L Ipad

Time Warner and NBC Universal have told Apple they won't spend the time and money to rework their Flash-friendly video libraries to make them compatible with the iPad, according to a news report.

The New York Post reported the rebuff Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

Apple's iPad has roared off shelves in the United States since its U.S. introduction in April, giving the iPod, iTunes, and iPhone creator an ever stronger position in the entertainment and computing industry and helping it move past one-time nemesis Microsoft in market value.

But some say the power has gone to the company's head, and they point to Apple's tussle with Adobe Systems over Adobe's Flash software as but one indication that Apple is drunk on its escalating influence.

Continua qui , CNET NEWS

Ogni tanto si trova qualcuno col polso fermo :)

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