venerdì 28 maggio 2010

Dell Streak

Dell Streak

Dell Streak Dell Streak Dell Streak Dell Streak

Phone overview

Introducing the new Dell Streak, exclusively on O2.
Simplify Your Life. Gone are the days of multiple devices. Browse, organise and share content by connecting on your terms - anytime, anywhere. "Instant On" Internet for On The Go.
Not just a phone - Dell Streak gives you the best in browsing, emailing, entertainment, gaming, shopping, social networking and navigation all at the touch of your fingertips.
Big screen in your pocket. Spacious 5" multi-touch display enables a widescreen experience for high-def movie viewing, gaming, apps and widgets.

Continua qui.....

Coming Soon:4th June

Mamma mia , il 4 Giugno. che tentazione!!!!!!!!!!!

Prestatemi i soldi che non ve li do più XDDD

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