domenica 13 dicembre 2009

At&T che da problemi oppure e l’IPhone?

Randall Stross is getting a lot of attention for his piece in The New York Times this weekend, titled “AT&T Takes the Blame, Even for the iPhone’s Faults”. (In the original headline, still visible in the <title> element, “faults” was “glitches”.) The gist of Stross’s piece, as you might surmise, is that AT&T’s network is not only not the worst in the U.S., but in fact is the best. Chronic iPhone problems in New York and San Francisco? Faulty iPhone hardware, which AT&T is either too polite or too afraid of Apple to state publicly.

I don’t buy it.

Is the iPhone the best phone on the market, in terms of things like signal strength and voice quality? I truly doubt it. But is it downright terrible? So bad as to explain the horrendous service iPhone customers on AT&T are seeing? Nothing in Stross’s article makes me think so:


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QUest’articolo è molto interessante, e fa anche in un certo senso crollare il mito di questo SPOT dove la colpa sembra tutta di AT&T

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