giovedì 14 maggio 2009

Apple: anche i suoi fan sono un problema...

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Making the switch … back!

The problem was not the software, but the Apple’s and the Apple community’s attitude. The attitude is that if users want to do something the “non-blessed” way they are confused or incorrect. Want two mouse buttons on your MacBook Pro? “You can do that this other way.” Want to play music without storing your whole library in iTunes? “Why would you want to do that?” Want to use something besides iTunes to load your iPod? “Thats silly.” Want to run on different hardware? “Thats a bad idea.” All this was happening while Apple was clamping down on iPhone modding. Its total lack of transparency (both through code and legal action) assured that you did things their way and *only* their way. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not Apple’s target market (nor should I be), and ultimately their extreme efforts to prevent myself and others like me from improving and customizing their product was a deal killer for me.

Il problema non è tanto il software, ma la stessa Apple e l'attitudine delle community Apple.

La questione è che se un utente vuole fare qualcosa che non è "benedetto" dalla Apple, allora sono considerati confusi o in errore.

Vuoi mouse a due tasti sul MacBook Pro? "puoi sempre simularli in quest'altro modo".

Vuoi ascoltare musica senza mettere la tua intera libreria nelle zampe di iTunes? "Ma perché mai vorresti farlo?"

Vuoi riempirti l'iPod senza dover utilizzare iTunes? "Ma è una scemità".

Vuoi provare un hardware diverso? "Pessima idea"...

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