giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

New 27" iMac's have issues. DO NOT BUY

This is just a warning to anyone out there thinking about buying a new iMac released last week. DO NOT BUY ONE YET. I received my base model 27" iMac last friday and since day one have had issues with severe slowdown in the system to the point where a 5 year old G5 iMac is faster than this new one. The problem is after using the computer for anywhere from 20 min to and hour depending on how hard you are pushing it the system will become slow and unresponsive. I have tested this from running just iTunes and watching it happen after 40 minutes to running iTunes, Safari and Quicktime all at once and it happening in 20 min. The only thing that helps the problem is to restart the computer and that is only a temporary fix. In a attempt to fix this I have done the following steps below.

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Ma non ho capito bene, Snow Leopard ha problemi con i5 ed i7 core?

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  1. Come ho sempre detto, i Mac saranno belli da guardare quando sono spenti ma... quando li accendi, è tutto un altro mondo - cioè rallentamenti, cancellazioni di files, problemi hardware di ogni genere...

  2. Ma proprio nell'ultimo anno la qualità è calata eccessivamente,
    sarà vero ciò che la maggior parte degli user affermano :
    Troppo spazio all'iphone e bandiera bianca per l OS?

  3. Ma veramente travisate la realtà, distorcete l'informazione e siete meschini.