martedì 27 ottobre 2009

Is Windows 7 too good for Apple to FUD?

Opinion: Apple was blindsided by Windows 7. It wasn’t the product which they saw coming, it was the sustaining marketing budget and positive reviews from Apple loyalists like Walt Mossberg they didn’t see (though several Mac fans have told me that Steve Jobs has taken Walt to task and he is changing his tune).

As a result they have shifted their negative campaign against Windows Vista into a FUD campaign against Windows 7 using innuendo and association to disparage Microsoft’s new platform. You can see the ads here but broken promises and PC News are pure but well done FUD.

Granted Microsoft is having a few problems with its “Family Guy” special (and who else now suddenly wants to watch this and bet on who advertises on it?). If you didn’t click on the link, Microsoft pulled support saying there was “inappropriate content”. It’s on my TIVO now for sure.

But back to FUD; Scott McNealy and Sun tried the same tactic for most of the 90s and watched their market share and profitability drop sharply as a result. Will the same thing happen to Apple? (By the way read the likely comments and notice how many Mac fans don’t actually know what FUD is).


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