sabato 29 agosto 2009

Snow Leopard Proves No Threat to Windows 7

Snow LeopardPC World: Technology Advice You Can TrustAfter months of headlines about the phenomenon known as Snow Leopard, it has hit the streets and reality has set in. It turns out that the updated Mac OS X is.....well, it's simply an updated Mac OS X.

After all of the hype in the media regarding the Snow Leopard frenzy, Friday's official release seemed lacking. Not to say Snow Leopard is a dud. By all accounts it puts some zip into lagging Mac OS X systems, but it offers little else to impact the day-to-day experience of most Mac OS X users.

To be fair, Apple has been clear from the start that the focus of Snow Leopard was performance and that the update offers little in the way of new features. But, some in the media have tried to turn the coincidental timing of the Snow Leopard and Windows 7 releases into a battle of the titans with Snow Leopard playing the role of underdog to challenge Microsoft for desktop dominance. Not.

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