mercoledì 3 febbraio 2010

iPad, disgustosa ciofeca, disgustosi mac-fan
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iPad Snivelers: Put Up or Shut Up

t's taken me a couple of days for me to understand the wet sickness I felt in response to all the post-iPad whining, until it finally came up in a sputtering lump: disgust.

The iPad isn't a threat to anything except the success of inferior products. And if anything's dystopian about the future it portends, it's an American copyright system that's been out of whack since 1996.

For the implication of an iPad-crazed world – with its millions of delighted, infatuated users – is that a single US company renowned for control-freakery will have become the gatekeeper to the online world. The iPad – like the iPhone – is a closed, tightly controlled device: nothing gets on to it that has not been expressly approved by Apple. We will have arrived at an Orwellian end by Huxleian means. And be foolish enough to think that we've attained nirvana.

Please explain to me how a closed ecosystem like Apple's will impede a curious child's ability to explore in the least way.
Perfino quelli di Gizmodo non ne possono più: l'iPad (che vedete nella foto in alto, mentre viene guidato dal giovanotto con la sigaretta) provoca semplicemente "disgusto".

"Una singola azienda americana, rinomata per la sua ossessione di controlli e supercontrolli, diventerà l'esclusivista del mondo online. L'iPad, come l'iPhone, è un apparecchio chiuso, accuratamente chiuso: nulla ci deve arrivare a bordo se non espressamente approvato da Apple. E' come vivere in un mondo orwelliano ed essere così pazzi da pensare di aver trovato il nirvana".

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