mercoledì 2 settembre 2009

Anche Hack-a-day si fa beffe di Slow Leopard

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We’ve always felt that hard drive manufacturers were dirty crooks because of their use of fake math to make drives sound bigger than they actually are. Here’s a quick refresher for those who need it: Because digital information consists of 1’s and 0’s (two possible settings), digital architecture revolves around powers of 2. Long ago, when nomenclature was setup for measuring data the term kilobyte was adopted to represent 2 to the 10th power bytes (base 2, aka real math). The problem here is that 2^10= 1024 and when laymen hear the root “kilo” they think 1000 which is 24 byes less (base 10, aka fake math). So, if you have a 500,000,000 byte drive, base 10 math would call that a 500GB drive, but base 2 math would call that 476.8GB.

it may at first be difficult to understand why Apple would change to a base 10 system. But think about it once more, doesn’t Apple have a lot to gain if all the storage-containing-hardware they sell sounds bigger than it actually is?
Anche Hack-a-day prende in giro Slow Leopard, il leopardo con la forfora che per far sembrare più grandi gli hard disk cambia unità di misura...

Ma pensateci un attimo: la Apple non ha forse tanto da guadagnare se tutto l'hardware dotato di storage (che loro vendono) sembra più grande di quello che in realtà è?

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