mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

Snow Leopard: grande ciofeca!

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Mac OS X 10.6
  • Snow Leopard only supports Intel-based Macs. PowerPC Macs need not apply.

  • 64-bit Snow Leopard requires 64-bit EFI, and many pre-2007 Macs have only a 32-bit EFI. You can check your Mac (and help me fix my table) by typing “ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi” in a Terminal window. If it says “EFI64″, your system is capable of running 64-bit Snow Leopard. But Snow Leopard defaults to 32-bit mode on ALL Macs other than the Xserve at this point, and no one is sure why!

  • Grand Central Dispatch requires a multi-core CPU. This eliminates the original base-model 2006 Mac Mini, since it used a single-core CPU.

  • OpenCL requires newer Nvidia or the ATI graphics chips. This leaves out many pre-2008 models and some iMac and Mac Pro configurations. Check Apple’s list if you’re not sure.

  • QuickTime H.264 Hardware Acceleration only works with the Nvidia 9400M chipset. This leaves out many pre-2008 machines and even the latest Mac Pros, though they probably have enough horsepower
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    Brutte notizie per i Mac User: lo Snow Leopard funziona a macchia di leopardo!

    Cioè: qui sì, là no, lì forse...

    Chi ha comprato un Mac qualsiasi l'anno scorso, è molto probabilmente nei guai.

    La notizia più tragicomica è il supporto 64 bit, che c'è ma... Snow Leopard, per default, parte ancora a 32 bit!!! Vergogna!

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    1. I maccari sono pronti al perdono
      PS. Sapevi che photoshop CS3 non funziona su Snow ?


    2. Sapevi che Photoshop CS3 funziona benissimo su Snow Leopard?