giovedì 6 agosto 2009

Apple colabrodo: perfino le tastiere sono hackerabili e keyloggabili!

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As far as Apple is concerned, the Black Hat 2009 hackers conference didn't end soon enough. Having promptly patched the iPhone vulnerability, Cupertino is facing another security hole, this time in its keyboards. A hacker going by the pseudonym of K. Chen has come up with a way, using HIDFirmwareUpdaterTool, to inject malicious code into the keyboard's firmware. While it's not yet possible to perform this hack remotely, the fact it occurs at the firmware level means no amount of OS cleanser or anti-virals will remedy it -- which might be a bit of a bother to MacBook owners who can't simply swap to an uninfected keyboard. Panic is hardly advisable, as Chen is collaborating with Apple on a fix, but if you want to be freaked out by his simple keylogger in action, hit up the video after the break.
E' possibile riscrivere il firmware delle tastiere Apple per iniettarvi codice abusivo che può fare di tutto (incluso il keylogging, come dimostra il video qui sopra).

E non c'è antivirus che tenga...!

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