martedì 21 luglio 2009

La Apple complica la vita degli sviluppatori iPhone (ma no!?!)

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We received this response from Apple,

“Unfortunately, there is no way to work around your rejection at this
time. You were rejected because UIImagePickerController has not been

Apple decided to stop approving applications/updates that used the UIImagePickerController. Like Night Camera and dozens of other camera apps we hide the UI components of the ImagePicker screen so that we can show our own UI for the camera. The major issue here is that if they do not allow us to update our application it will not be compatible with OS 3.0 and therefore Quick Shot is a ticking time bomb

Farsi "approvare" un'applicazione iPhone sull'App Store è una vera lotteria.

"Sei stato bocciato perché la classe UIImagePickerController non è documentata..."

Ma come?! Se decine di applicazioni già approvate la usano!

Il processo di applicazione è una vera lotteria...!

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