martedì 30 novembre 2010

HandBrake Batch Encoder

This is a full User interface for all forms of handbrake batch encoding. Simply install HandBrake and run this exe.

Complete the settings screen for source, destination, preset, file extension. Hit Encode now and all will be encoded.

This supports source files : avi, mkv, m2ts,mpg and also supports rips in VIDEO_TS folders.

You can use handbrake presets, edit a query or use your own query.

You can choose to delete or leave source files.

Displays a small progress bar while running, remembers last used source, destination and query

If you only try one of my scripts, try this! Its real easy to use – give it a go!

Download: link (standalone exe)      Download: Link (full setup file with everything you need)


Configuration file maker


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