martedì 3 agosto 2010

Qualcuno aveva dubbi ? Windows 7 up, Mac OS X down


More number crunching by the good folks at NetMarketShare - Windows 7 surges past Vista, and Mac OS X loses ground for the fourth consecutive month.

Windows 7 now commands 14.46% of the market usage share (up from 13.70% in June), compared to Vista’s 14.34% (down from 14.68%), the first month that 7 has had a greater usage share than Vista. XP continues to dominate with 61.87% (down from 62.43 in June).

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E la stessa siringa ve la sta facendo Android

Android Shipments up Nearly 900%

Research firm Canalys is today reporting a surge in the worldwide shipments of Android smartphones. Thanks to Android-based products from HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericssion, LG and others, smartphones running the Android operating system grew 886%worldwide in Q2 2010.

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Quando Wp7 sarà disponibile, …….bye bye Iphogne!

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