mercoledì 10 giugno 2009

La Apple usa lo ZFS ma non vuol farlo sapere

  Hardware: Apple Removes Nearly All Reference To ZFS on Wednesday June 10, @02:15AM

    "Apple has apparently decided that ZFS isn't really ready for prime time. We've been discussing Apple/ZFS rumors, denials, and sightings for some years now. Currently a search on Apple's site for ZFS yields only two hits, one of them probably an oversight in the ZFS-cleansing program and the other a reference to open source. Contrast this with an item from the Google cache regarding ZFS and Snow Leopard. Apple has done this kind of disappearing act in the past, but I was really hoping that this was one feature promise they would keep. I certainly hope this isn't the first foot in the grave for ZFS on OSX."
    La Apple utilizza tecnologie del filesystem ZFS per la Time Capsule ma a poco a poco sta facendo sparire ogni traccia di quel nome dalle pagine del suo sito.

    Di solito questo significa che alla Apple hanno preso un prodotto open-source, lo hanno taroccato e incluso in Mac OS X come feature ma senza distribuire sorgenti né dare riconooscimenti.

    Nella Google Cache c'è ancora un comico riferimento nella pagina OpenSource di Apple (attualmente c'è solo il link alla pagina di OpenSolaris ZFS).

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